Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ok. I want start out by saying that I loved it. I thought it was bad ass. I loved all the special effects. The future Robocop looking dude on a hover police bike pulling over a young Jimmy Kirk driving through Iowa in a mustang rocking out Beastie Boys was great. The homages to the old TV show and movies were awesome. I loved that they had Jimmy Kirk sexing up a hot co-ed with green skin. Spock repeating verbatim lines he said in previous movies was so cool. McCoy’s old one liners were funny and didn’t come off as cheesy. Also, Zoe Saldana is a spot on Nichelle Nichols.
I was totally convinced when Uhura was in the elevator with Spock. The guest appearances were cool too. (Pay close attention to Spock’s mother…) It was a great movie.


From a Star Trek fan’s view, they totally destroyed the Star Trek story line. The biggest is obviously Spock and Uhura. That was not expected. What about destroying Vulcan? You can’t destroy Vulcan! What the hell!?! It was all very Star Warsy, what with Jimmy Kirk being born like some chosen protagonist from Heaven. Vulcan being destroyed by that big ship was totally an Alderaan being destroyed by the death star rip off.

Also, Romulans are supposed to look like this.
Almost exactly like Vulcans. These Romluans look more like the Remans from Star Trek Nemesis (R.I.P. Data)

Also, what’s up with old Spock traveling through time again? Leonard Nimoy has done more time than Michael Vick. First he goes back to the 1980’s for humpback whales, now he has to go into the future over a hundred years only to watch his own planet get destroyed? For God’s sake, let Spock rest! He’s an old man for crying out loud.

And is it important to have a representative from First Gen Star Trek christen new Star Trek franchises? Remember McCoy was in the first episode of The Next Generation. He was like 200 years old or something? And wasn’t it a corn ball fest to have Jimmy Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard swashbuckling side by side in Star Trek Generations? Old Spock was not necessary, and the “passing of the torch” scene between Nimoy and Quinto at the end was most def not needed. Lame!

But that’s through the lens of a nerd. If you are a Trek Nerd and you come into the movie wanting to hate it, you probably will. But if you have heeded the warnings of J.J. Abrams and accept the fact that, “This is not your dad’s Star Trek,” and just take it at face value, you’ll at least think it’s ok. Like I said before, I for one thought it was bad ass.